Graduate Pedagogy Fellows

The Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the Division of Graduate Studies and Division of Student Success to launch a new Graduate Pedagogy Fellowship (GPF) certificate program aimed at developing pedagogical leaders and TA trainers for each of the approximately 40 graduate programs on campus by the 2019-2020 academic year.

Meet the inaugural Graduate Pedagogy Fellows cohort.

About the Program

The GPF program is an interdisciplinary professional development program designed for graduate students to craft and deliver enhanced TA training for their peers in their departments through a “train the TA trainers” model.

In Winter 2018, the first cohort of Graduate Pedagogy Fellows will take a ten-week course in preparation to teach their peers the best practices in effective and equitable teaching, including topics such as active learning, inclusive teaching, classroom climate, instructional design, and learning assessment. In Spring 2018, the Fellows will work with the CITL and their home departments to develop a discipline-specific TA training for their departments, with the objective of facilitating training for new TAs in their departments in Fall 2018.

With sponsorship from the Division of Graduate Studies and Division of Student Success, each Fellow will receive a $2,000 fellowship. Upon completion of the program, Fellows will also receive a Pedagogical Leadership certificate, issued by the CITL, to indicate their leadership in developing and practicing effective and equitable teaching strategies in the 21st-century higher education classroom.

Application Process

All departments with graduate programs are invited to solicit applications from interested graduate students, and select and put forth one candidate to be their Graduate Pedagogy Fellow. From among this group, the CITL selected 18 participants for the first year of the program, which begins in Winter 2018. In the second year of the program, the CITL will prioritize applicants from the graduate departments that were not included in the first year of the program.

Applications are now closed for the inaugural cohort of Graduate Pedagogy Fellows. Next year's call for applications will be posted in Fall 2018 for a Winter 2019 program start.

For more information about the program, please see the Graduate Pedagogy Fellows Program Information Sheet.